LPC COMPILER, first Pascal IDE for ARM7TDMI-S microcontrollers

LPC Compiler is a Pascal Integrated Development Environment/Compiler for ARM7TDMI-S, compatible with all LPC2000 microcontrollers family from NXP, AT91SAM7 from Atmel and ADuC7 from Analog Device...
Features list: easy to use, standard pascal language, many drivers and hardware libraries, HEX and Assembler output files, etc... It provided with full technical documentation and many examples.

With registered LPC Compiler version:

  • 1 year free update (approximately 5 updates per year), or full life time product update
  • Standard Hardware Libraries (SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, ADC, LCD...)
  • Powerfull IDE with plugins support, custom editors and tools
  • Full documentation
  • More than 40 supported cores (up to 72 MHz !)
IDE Features

Project Manager

With the Project Manager Window, you can easily see all files of your projects, add or delete files from the tree (not on your disk !), and you can access to the full pins descriptions area, or on the processor graphical viewer by a click on the "Device Target"...

Code Explorer

You may retrieve all functions, procedures, variables and consts with simples click on the Code Explorer Tree.

Quick Configuration Window

With "Quick Project Config" you can change, in real time, the configuration of your project: change crystal frequency, change values of the PLL... You can access to the full configuration project page by a simple click on the ''configuration complète" button.

Libraries Explorer

The libraries Tree is very easy to use: you can see in real time all functions for all libraries (compatible with your project and the current processor...). All functions come with a smal description, and with a simple click, send function code to the editor...With a double click on a function, now you can see the full function description.




Supported cores

LPC2000 Family

  • LPC2101   LPC2102   LPC2103
  • LPC2104   LPC2105   LPC2106
  • LPC2109
  • LPC2114   LPC2124
  • LPC2119   LPC2129
  • LPC2131   LPC2132   LPC2134   LPC2136   LPC2138
  • LPC2141   LPC2142   LPC2144   LPC2146   LPC2148
  • LPC2194
  • LPC2212   LPC2214
  • LPC2210   LPC2220   LPC2290
  • LPC2292   LPC2294
  • LPC2361   LPC2362   LPC2364   LPC2365   LPC2366
  • LPC2367   LPC2368
  • LPC2377   LPC2378
  • LPC2387   LPC2388
  • LPC2420   LPC2458   LPC2460   LPC2468
  • LPC2470   LPC2478

end of  2011:

  • LPC288x

AT91SAM7S Family

  • AT91SAM7S16
  • AT91SAM7S32
  • AT91SAM7S64
  • AT91SAM7S128
  • AT91SAM7S256
  • AT91SAM7S512


AT91SAM7X Family

  • AT91SAM7X family  (work in progress)


ADuC Family

  • ADuC702x (work in progress)
  • ADuC7019
  • ADuC7020
  • ADuC7024


Technical Informations


Windows XP, VISTA, SEVEN compatibility, all users installation only:


Windows XP

  • LPC Compiler: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Rentcom\Lpccomp\
  • Examples: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Rentcom\Lpccomp\Examples\


Windows Vista and 7

  • LPC Compiler: C:\ProgramData\Rentcom\Lpccomp\
  • Examples: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rentcom\Lpccomp\Examples\
  • Plateform:
    Windows® XP, Vista, 32bit edition only.
  • LPC Compiler is fully compatible with Windows Vista and 7 UAC.
  • Supported language:
    Pascal standard (labels, procedures and functions with parameters, types, variables and constants, arrays, records, objets...). Inline assembler.
  • Output Files:
    Intel Hex, assembler.
  • Supported Cores:
    ARM7TDMI, ARM7TDMI-S, (CORTEX-M3 coming soon !)